Yellowstone Guided Tours from Jackson Hole

Yellowstone guided tours from Jackson Hole usually include Grand Teton tours in some limited fashion. Yellowstone guided tours begin from Jackson Hole and take you into the Grand Teton Park. While you drive through the Tetons, you may see elk, pronghorn antelope, black bears, Grizzlies, bald eagles. The tour may take you up close by the Teton mountain range, Jenny Lake visitor Center, Signal mountain and into the meadows before Jackson Lake Lodge.

Yellowstone Guided Tours | Yellowstone & Tetons
Furmarole with sulfur

Your guide may stop at the Big Thumb Geyser Basin by Lake Yellowstone.  There you will see hot and warm springs, mud pots and colorful water with green tinge to it.  The Dragon’s Mouth in the Mud Volcano area used to make louder sound when it released water from its belly.  But now the noise has become muffled due to a chunk of earth which collapsed in June 2019, thereby blocking the flow of water.

Hayden Valley has so much to offer in terms of bison, elk, bears and at times wolves, pelicans and swans.  There are times where you will find Grizzlies feeding on elk or bison carcass.  When they feed on carcass, it takes it days to finish the feast.  That is usually an opportunity to see them several days at a time.  Artist Point by the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone has phenomenal viewing positions for the Lower Falls.  The lower water falls drops by 600 feet into the canyon.  There you can see the colorful banks of the Yellowstone River.  Colors include yellow, which could have come from sulfur.   Near the Uncle Tom’s trail, you can see the Yellowstone River upper falls.

The drive from Canyon Village to Tower falls by way of Dunraven Pass through Mount Washburn is scenic.  There are a couple of pullouts which will allow you to take a break from driving to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the mountains.  You will drive by the Antelope Creek which by its self is also breathe taking.  On your way to Mammoth Hot Springs, you will drive by unusual landscapes which were formed thousands of years ago.  It is hard to believe such features exist- the boulders, scanty grass in some places, extreme canyons, forests, wildlife in some instances such as coyote and bears, all combine to make the landscape inescapably awesome.

Visit the Sheepeater Cliff along the way from Mammoth Hot Springs to Norris.  Also take a look at the Obsidian Cliff.  These are beautiful and unique cliffs.


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