Yellowstone day tours from Jackson Wyoming

Yellowstone day tours from Jackson Wyoming are offered all summer long. Yellowstone day tours from Jackson Wyoming activities usually include wildlife tours, scenic and floral tours. But they may also include rudimentary geology. And that is what I will discuss briefly.

Yellowstone tours from Jackson Hole - Guided
Yellowstone geyser

When you leave early in the morning from Jackson or Jackson Hole with a tour guide who knows a little history of the two parks, he or she will talk about the history of the area.  The Tetons have fossilized sea creatures here and there.  1.5 million years ago, the Tetons were part of a sea or an ocean, the entire 44.4 mile mountain range.  Adjacent to the mountains, where Jackson is, all through the valley to Moran, there was a hole, one mile deep.  As the mountains rose and now the tallest peak is 13,800 feet, the hole beside it sank.  The process is still ongoing although gradually.

170,000 years ago, glacier from Yellowstone began melting.  The melting was over a period of thousands of years.  Rocks rubbed against each other as the enormous volume of water and ice moved from Yellowstone to the Tetons and beyond Jackson.  Eventually the one mile hole beside the Tetons was filled with moraine.  Now when you look at the flat sage brush valley, you can see far into the distance for miles.

About half a million years ago, the earth mantle cracked and released basalt volcanic magma.  The magma cut through the Tetons in at least two places maybe more.  Today dykes are visible to the naked eye in a couple of places.

Yellowstone Volcano erupted three times in history.  The last was 640,000 years ago.  It is what is called the Lava Creek Caldera.  The Caldera covers much of Yellowstone Lower Loop.  So when you drive through Yellowstone, you will notice thermal features including warm springs, hot springs, fumarole, geysers and mud pots.  Here I will discuss three types of geysers.  Old Faithful Geyser is the best known of them.  Beehive Geyser, close to Old Faithful expels water from its chamber in similar ways as as the later.  These are predictable geysers.  Old Faithful expels water every 90 minutes plus or minus 10.  It used to release water from its chamber every 60 minutes prior to a major earthquake which occurred in the 1970s.  Intermittent geysers include Steamboat Geyser in the Norris Geyser Basin.  It expels water up to 300 feet high, but its eruption is unpredictable.  There are continuous geysers, such as Clepsydra Geyser in the Fountain Paint Pots area.  It stops once a while, otherwise it continuously shoot out water for the most part.  Plan your trip to Yellowstone and enjoy its scenic beauty, flowers, wildlife, geysers and much more.


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