Winter Summer Tour Activities | Teton Yellowstone Wildlife Tours

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Bighorn sheep in Teton Park

Winter Summer Tour Activities | Grand Teton & Yellowstone

Teton Park Half Day Tours 4 Hour Private Tours are Morning or evening Trips.  While Full Day Private Teton Tours are 8 Hours.  Yellowstone Wildlife Tours can bring unbelievable joy, when finally you see wolves and other varieties of animals!  At times you can even see wolves both inside Yellowstone and Grand Teton Teton National Park.  However, it is harder to find bighorn sheep in Grand Teton in summer months.  In addition, you can see pronghorn antelope, black bears and Grizzlies.   Yellowstone wolf tours are popular with many visitors who come to  Jackson Hole.  Wolf tours in the winter begin in January until March each year.  However wolf tours are not in the winter only.  Yellowstone wolf tours are year round.  You would think bison for its size, it would not be scared of wolves. Bull bison can weigh as much as 1900 pounds.   Safari Tours

Wildlife In Yellowstone

In spite of its size, it is agile.   And at times you find it alone, far removed from the closest hard.  Meaning it is independent and unperturbed by danger.   They seem so independent that I used to think, they can not be scared of predators such as wolves. However, my beliefs were shattered when I had a family of four on a wildlife tour.  The husband spotted a gray wolf running casually near a herd of bison.  Thirty minutes later, I saw a black wolf running casually.  Three times, it lied down in the grass and three times it got up. And deliberately, it moved closer and closer to a herd of bison. All of a sudden, a huge bull bison aware of the wolf’s presence, hurried closer to its herd. Finally five bison, four of them enormous,  mustered the courage to face the enemy. Wolves and humans

Moose tours Teton Yellowstone
Cow moose


And they moved in formation and walked towards the wolf.   The scene was reminiscent of wildebeest running away from a lion after a surprise attack by the latter.   I always thought bison are majestic and no predator can put fear and trepidation in them.  But I was wrong! You could be lucky to see Grizzlies and black bears.  They number about 1000 inside Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks.  The most famous Grizzlies include 399, Bruno and Blondee. Black bears come in two colors, black and brown. Grizzlies come in cinnamon, gray colors. The easiest way to distinguish between the two is the hump on the back of the animal. Grizzlies tend to be bigger as well. Moose may be found in the Grand Teton Park. Bison are both in  Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks. Their numbers are greater than any animals, except elk.   Rocky Mountain Van Tours

More wildlife stories in the Yellowstone Grand Teton National Parks

Elk are in the Jenny Lake area, Jackson Lake Lodge, West Thumb.  They usually have young ones in spring. Males shade antlers in March and April. Wolves number about 100 inside Yellowstone and Grand Teton.  Bighorn sheep are found in the Yellowstone upper loop as well as the Jackson Hole area.  Mountain goats may be found south of Jackson, Wyoming in the winter. You can find them also in the Yellowstone Upper Loop in the summer. Bald Eagles may be found in the Grand Teton area as well as Hayden Valley. Golden eagles are rarer, but may be seen in the Madison River area on the west exit of Yellowstone Park towards West Yellowstone, Montana. So get ready for tours. Plan early to visit Yellowstone for wildlife tours. Wildlife Tours

Winter Wildlife Tours

Wildlife tours in the winter in Jackson Hole can be a treat.  Because of snow in higher elevations, we can find wildlife for you more easily in lower elevations.  Yellowstone National Park wildlife tours cannot be complete without visiting antelope canyon.  Because you will see more elk in the canyon than any other place in the Upper Loop.  Come and experience this jaw dropping adventure.  Tours and sightseeing in Yellowstone cover the lower loop, but also the upper loop.   Take a look at our Grand Teton National Park wildlife tours as well, and book now. Winter Vacations

Lake Yellowstone tours
Boiling water hole near Lake Yellowstone
Grand Teton Boat Ride in Jenny Lake

Summer Grand Teton tours include Jenny Lake boat rides.  We take you to Jenny Lake, where you will ride to the foothill of the Tetons.  You can go on a brief hike with other tourists.  We recommend the following tours that you can book from our website booking page: Grand Teton morning/evening private tours.  Others are Grand Teton Fall tours, Teton morning/ evening wildlife tours, Grand Teton full day 8 hour tours. Teton private tours begin at 6AM and 3PM in spring, summer and fall.  Our tour company provides guided wildlife tours like few well known operators around the Jackson Hole Valley.  Travel

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