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Rudimentary Geology of Grand Teton & Yellowstone | Scenic Tours

Rudimentary Geology of Grand Teton & Yellowstone Scenic Tours.  Rudimentary Geology of Grand Teton & Yellowstone Scenic Tours.  Moses Yamtal Grand Teton Geological Tours.   Geological History of Yellowstone.  Lava Creek Lake Yellowstone Geology Tours.  Jackson Hole Geology Tours.  Volcanic Activities, Mountains & Valleys as part of Yellowstone Grand Teton Geological Evolution.  In addition, geysers, fumaroles, hot and warm springs are a testament to the ongoing geological events.  They began in what is now called Huckleberry Ridge 2.1 millions ago, according to scientists.   That is not all.  Some geologists date back  the geological history of Yellowstone to thousands of years.  Geology of Yellowstone and Tetons are everywhere you look.  The Tetons are part of the Rockies in North America.  With a length of about 44.4 miles the Tetons have fossilized sea creatures embedded in the rocks, according to geologists.   However, it’s not only the Tetons.  Book Tours Now

Rudimentary Geology of Grand Teton & Yellowstone | Scenic Tours

Other nearby mountains do have similar ancient creatures permanently infused in them as well, according to a geologist.  Over a period of millions of years, the Tetons began to experience tectonic movements which have continued to this day. The mountains would have been part of a sea or perhaps ocean floor.  The Grand Teton at 13,800 feet, with the rest of the mountain range is continuing to grow in height.  While the Tetons rose , the Jackson valley from the town of Jackson to Moran experienced gradual sinking. When you drive from Jackson to Snake River Overlook, you wonder why the land is flat.   That  is why Geologic tours of Grand Tetons and Yellowstone are fascinating indeed.   National Geographic

Basalt dyke tours of Grand Teton

Nearly two hundred thousand years ago, glaciers from Yellowstone melted over a period of thousands of years.  Moreover, as it did, it brought rocks and soil to the Jackson valley which was now a one mile hole deep. Moraine from the glacier filled the hole and made it flat the way it looks today.  Driving through the Tetons, you wouldn’t know a third historic event occurred perhaps half a million years ago. The earth mantle could have cracked and released basalt volcanic magma. The magma cut the Tetons vertically at least in one place and remains as a visible dyke today, according to a geologist. The basalt dyke is visible.  There is a second intrusion that is possibly a basalt dyke as well, perhaps there are more. Grand Teton tours can be more fun with some understanding of Grand Teton Park geology.   National Park Service

Lake Yellowstone Geological tour  and Yellowstone History

Lake Yellowstone geology tour is centered around the Lava Creek Caldera and beyond.  It is part of the larger Caldera Rim which covers the lower loop of Yellowstone, extending westwards towards Idaho. 640,000 years ago there was an explosion, where Lake Yellowstone is today.  And there were subsequent mini explosions that followed. As a result, parts of Lake Yellowstone are 400 feet deep. Pictures of the underwater of Lake Yellowstone show intricate miniature silicon “pipes” which have naturally formed over thousands of years. Fumaroles flow through these pipes or plumbing systems into the lake. What is more, hot geysers can be seen ebbing through  the lake shore.  In the winter, the entire Lake Yellowstone is frozen, while the lake shore does not.   Archive

Lake Yellowstone Marina tour
Lake Yellowstone Marina
A Look at Yellowstone volcanic history | Moses Yamtal geology tours

The Lava Creek explosion indeed was not the first or only volcanic event that took place in Yellowstone.  The first explosion was in the upper loop.  The first explosive magma occurred at the Huckleberry Ridge, 2.1 million years ago.  The second volcanic eruption in Yellowstone was at Island Park in Idaho, west of the Park.  In essence, Yellowstone sits atop a massive volcanic magma which has been in that part of the world for millions of years.

In the Yellowstone Upper Loop near Blacktail Pond, you can see “glacial erratics… ground moraines”.  Erratics are defined as large boulders, while ground moraines are gravels and soil.  During Yellowstone’s glaciation period, beginning some 200,000 years ago, erratics and moraines were moved for short and long distances by melting ice. National Park Service

Grand Teton Yellowstone Geology and other things to see in Jackson Hole

Yellowstone Tours From Jackson Hole invites you to book our tours.  We would take you on geological tours of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons.  In addition to geological tours of the Tetons and Yellowstone, we would take you to other exciting places in both parks.  When we go to Laurance Rockefeller Preserve, you will see an awesome building, complete with mimicking wildlife and nature, that gives the feel of reality.  And it makes sense that most people like to spend some time inside it to appreciate the magnificent presence of nature that is portrayed here.

Special places to visit in Jackson Hole

The Wildlife Museum of Art is another place where some people like to spend time. It has a collection of paintings and sculptures that could take you two hours to look through.  There is a restaurant in the building as well. You may decide to have lunch there after you look around. Outside the Museum, you can look across highway 89 into the Elk Refuge valley. The view is stunning and worthy of your attention. In the winter, you can buy tickets to go into the Elk Refuge on horse drawn buggy to get up close to elk inside the Elk Refuge.  It is one of the most popular events in Jackson Hole. 

    You can also call 1-307-699-7922.  Please leave a message if we do not answer.  We return all calls.

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    What To Expect From Yellowstone Tour Guides | Yellowstone Guided Tour

    Tour guides Yellowstone.  Yellowstone Guided Tours.  Teton  Guides.  Yellowstone Guides.  Yellowstone Tours.  Tour Yellowstone.    Guided Tours in Jackson Hole.  What To Expect From Yellowstone Tour Guides Yellowstone Guided Tour.   Jackson Hole Guides.  West Yellowstone Guides.  Jackson Guides.  Jackson Wy Guides.  Teton Tour Guides for Teton Guided Tours.  West Yellowstone Tour Guides.   Teton Guided Tours.   Bozeman Yellowstone Guided Tours.  Yellowstone and Teton Tours are run by competent Yellowstone Tour Guides.  Yellowstone  Tour Guides and also our Teton Tour Guides have been in the business for years.  Jackson Hole Tour Guides are here to serve you.  Jackson Hole Guided Tours.  Teton Guided Tours  are patronized by many from around the world. Yellowstone Tours

    Hire Competent Tour Guides and make the most of your Tour Trip

    What to expect of guides is nothing short of competence.  Yellowstone Guided Tours are ready to take you into Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone Park all year round except November and April.  Yellowstone Guided Tours by competent guides are worth the price.  Why do you hire Yellowstone tour guides?  Because you believe they will show you animals,  scenic places inside Yellowstone and Grand Teton.  And you are also confident the tour guide knows at least some history of the area.  Most Yellowstone tour guides provide excellent services.   Yellowstone and Grand Teton tour guides as well,  have a reputation for doing whatever is necessary to find wildlife.   

    What To Expect From Yellowstone Tour Guides | Yellowstone Guided Tour

    They take their jobs seriously.  Each Yellowstone tour is an exciting adventure for professional guides.  They are willing to show you places and narrate stories you never dreamed of.   Yellowstone tour guides go out of their way to ensure guests find satisfaction with the Yellowstone guided tour they paid for.  There are certain expectations which go with paying tour guides. You want to see wildlife such as eagles, foxes, pronghorn antelope, elk, moose, bison, black bears, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, Grizzlies and wolves. The reality is, you may see all the wildlife listed above in your one or several day guided tours or you may see some. There are cases you may not see any wildlife at all on a one day guided tour.
    Palette Springs

    How to hire competent tour guides

    Yellowstone tours can be expensive.   Therefore it goes without saying that you need to hire the best Yellowstone tour guides.  The key to hiring tour guides is finding those who do not over promise. There is no guarantee you will see animals as promised by tour guides.  Animals are hardly stationary. Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton Park have 2,530,000 acres combined. In that humongous land space, you have about 100 wolves, 1000 bears and maybe 4000 bison. It is always helpful to tamp down your wildlife expectations when you hire tour guides or if you drive on your own. But there is something to be said about professional local tour guides as well. They know the terrain and are willing to spend time to help you locate wildlife. 

    Most tour guides are willing to spend extra time with you

    These tour guides can even spend additional time looking for wildlife and not ask you to pay them extra. They love their job, not just because they get paid, but it is fun for them to help their guests see the wildlife they themselves love to see.  Find tour guides that can get the job done for you.  Book tour guides from our company.  Find Yellowstone guided tours from Jackson Hole.

    Some tour guides are well versed in Yellowstone as well as Grand Teton guiding

    Paid guides also know the different beautiful scenes of the two parks, Old Faithful Geyser, Castle Geyser, Morning Glory, Grand Prismatic Spring, Red Sputter, Sheepeater Cliff, Basalt Volcanic dykes, Snake River Overlook, Firehole River Drive, Island Park Caldera, Lava Creek Caldera, Dunraven Pass and so on and so forth. Tour guides share their knowledge joyfully, not out of pride. They know the geology of Yellowstone country, they understand the flora and fauna at least to some extent. Tour guiding in the beautiful parks of Yellowstone and Grand Teton is absolutely fantastic. If you hire tour guides or tour guiding companies with such principle, then you sure will get your money’s worth.

    Bighorn sheep tours
    Bighorn sheep
    Guided tour in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

    Tours we provide are Yellowstone guided tours.  We also provide guided tours in Grand Teton Park.  There are so many tour companies in Jackson Hole.  In addition, there are lots of out of town, international tour operations that market Yellowstone guided tours.  Yellowstone Tours From Jackson Hole has chosen the path of excellent guided tour services at a premium. Our tour company charges more than the lower end tour outfits.  But we compensate with excellent Yellowstone guided tour services.  Guided Yellowstone & guided Teton tours we provide are mainly in the summer, fall and spring.  However, we provide Teton and Yellowstone winter tours as well.

      You can also call 1-307-699-7922.  Please leave a message if we do not answer.  We return all calls.

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      National Park tours Yellowstone tour in relation to Jackson Hole hotels

      National Park tours Yellowstone tour in relation to Jackson Hole hotels.  National Park Tours.  Yellowstone National Park Tours.  Jackson Hole Hotels and Yellowstone Tours.Yellowstone Safari Tours  The importance of National Park tours including Yellowstone tours can be minimized at times. Yellowstone Park tours and likewise Grand Teton Park tours are successful, when you choose better hotel locations. Where to Stay in Jackson Hole.  Grand Teton where to stay.  Where to Stay in Yellowstone.   Tours tend to begin early in the morning. Our company prefers to pick up guests as early as 6AM. The early you begin the tour, the better chances you have of seeing wildlife. This is particularly true in the summer. We consider Jackson Hole hotel locations as one of the most important variables which enhances your park tour experience.   Location of Hotel
      The Tetons

      National Park tours Yellowstone tour in relation to Jackson Hole hotels 

      There are factors that could save you time and perhaps money as well. Take for example hotels in Yellowstone as opposed to hotels in Jackson Hole. Let’s say you have one day you want to spend touring Yellowstone. Let’s also assume you want a partial tour of Grand Teton. In that case do you book a hotel in Yellowstone or Jackson Hole? And if you decide you want to stay in Jackson Hole, which hotel should you stay? Where in Jackson Hole should you book your hotel? Remember, if you book a hotel that is further removed from the parks, you will have less time dedicated to tours. Or at least it will take more than the 11 hours which we recommend.  National Park Tours Bookings

      Yellowstone Grizzly tours

      How to find wildlife in the park

      Tour guiding companies are not going to tell you where to stay. You book your hotel and they take you to the park. But some hotel locations will save you time, and the time saved can be better used in park tours.  Choose hotels that take less time going into the parks. The tour guide will have more time available to do a better job, showing you more things and perhaps finding more wildlife. You can book our tours online and if you want hotel suggestions, we will be happy to offer our advice. There are times when guests want to return to their hotels within the specified 11 hour tour time. But if you do not book specific hotels, it would be nearly impossible.  Yellowstone Tour Guides

      When should you start Yellowstone tours in the morning?

      “Where should I stay when visiting Jackson Hole?” Let’s say you book one of the hotels in Yellowstone, but you hired a tour guide from Jackson Hole. Morning tours are perhaps better than afternoon tours, if your intention is to see wildlife. You may see bison all day long, but certainly not bears and wolves. And of course that means the guide has to be in your hotel early. Early when it comes to wildlife means 7 or 8AM. At times you should even start much earlier, say 6AM. The problem is the tour guide has to drive an hour an half or even two hours to pick you from the hotel inside Yellowstone. By the time you begin touring the park, some of the wildlife has disappeared into the forests. We are not suggesting that you can not have successful tours when you stay inside Yellowstone. Rather, you should weigh between hotel location and successful park tours.

        You can also call 1-307-699-7922.  Please leave a message if we do not answer.  We return all calls.

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        Wildlife tours through the eyes of Yellowstone Tours From Jackson Hole

        Imagine driving on a paved road in a national park.  And suddenly a black sow with three cubs cross the street. Or let’s say a tour guide with tourists, are driving in the park, all of a sudden one black wolf emerges in the wilderness. He or maybe she runs casually towards a herd of bison. As the tourists watch, another wolf does the same. Twenty minutes later, another wolf appears and does the same thing! So many similar scenarios are replicated in Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Apart from wolves and bison, the two parks have elk, bighorn sheep and prong horn antelope.Yellowstone Safari Tours 

        Apart from wildlife, there are scenic locations for all to behold. From the Teton Mountains, to Snake River Overlook(where Ansel Adams took pictures), to the Oxbow Bend Turnout, Jenny Lake, there are may fascinating places in the Tetons. In Yellowstone, Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, Fountain Paint Pots, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone lower and upper falls are places to admire and take pictures. Artist’s Point, Hayden Valley, Mud Volcano and Lake Yellowstone are also places visitors can see.

        Certain tour outfits also know and talk about the history of the parks, including geological history. According to Moses Yamtal, owner of Yellowstone Tours From Jackson Hole, whose company recently received a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, “There is so much to see in Yellowstone and Teton’s 2.5 million acres. We also provide tours outside of the two parks. Our guests are not only impressed with the wildlife they see. But they also love the geology and history of this unique part of the world.”

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        Yellowstone visit | Places & wildlife to look for including the Tetons

        Yellowstone ToursBOOK TOURS NOW!  Yellowstone visit | Places & wildlife to look for including the Tetons.  Yellowstone visit is popular throughout the world. Book the best Yellowstone Tours from our website.  Come and see  colorful hot springs, sky blue warm and hot springs, geysers, steam, waterfalls. Because of wildlife, flora, and its scenic beauty, people come for Yellowstone tours from around the world.  When you tour Yellowstone on your own or with a guide, make sure you see its best features. Calcite Springs in the Upper Loop lies within the Yellowstone River near Tower Falls. Lamar Valley is home of bison and many other animals, such as wolves, bears, coyotes and mountain goats. Mammoth Hot Springs was a military fort in the early 1900s. It is the Headquarters of Yellowstone National Park. It has a hotel and hot springs that will be worth your while seeing.   Grand Canyon Tours

        Yellowstone visit | Places & wildlife to look for including the Tetons. 

        Norris Geyser Basin has the famous Steamboat Geyser and so many other thermal features that will interest you. On your way to Yellowstone from Norris, there is a small but beautiful waterfalls, Gibbon Falls. Further down after you pass the falls, there is a beautiful valley with the Gibbon River running through it. You may want to see the Black Sand Basin. It has intermittent geysers, blue warm springs and the colorful Emerald Pool. Lake Yellowstone is 400 feet deep in some places and it is 21 miles long. It is a beautiful lake to stop by in the afternoon. The Absroka mountains in the background makes it even more beautiful with the afternoon sun shining on the water and mountain. You could see steam coming out of the edges of the lake.

        Scenic wonders of Yellowstone Park

        Intricacies of Lake Yellowstone:  It is more than meets the eye.  Steam from the volcanic magma comes out into the lake itself as well, through an intricate silicon miniature plumbing with has built over a period of thousands of years.  In the Grand Tetons you may see bears around Coulter Bay area, between Jackson Lake Lodge and Jackson Lake Dam. In the willow bushes, you might see elk as well. The Tetons have a history which I have discussed in other blogs. It is worth driving by the Jenny Lake Scenic Drive, where you will see the Cathedral Group of Mountains up close. Look for Pronghorn antelope in Teton Park, you may see them grazing in the sage brushes.  You cannot visit Yellowstone and not see its geysers and furmaroles.  Places to see in Yellowstone include geysers, hot and warm springs, flowers, tall pine trees, canyons, water falls large and small animals. Things to do and places to visit in Yellowstone are many. The land of 2.2 million acres with its sister park the Grand Tetons with 330,000 acres are pristine and far beyond description as to its beauty. There are at least 14 places to see and great things to do in these two parks.  Emerald Pool in the Black Sand Geyser Basin is a hot spring with green, orange, yellow colors. It slightly changes colors by the seasons. Grand Prismatic Spring in the middle geyser basin has what you may describe rainbow colors. It is 371 feet long. Bacteria survives by the edges of the pool.

        Places & wildlife to look for including the Tetons

        Excelsior Geyser releases 4000 gallons of warm water a minute into the Fire Hole River. Temperatures could reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
        Beehive Geyser in the upper geyser basin goes off for about 4 minutes and 50 seconds. It is estimated to go upwards of 190 feet high. It is located across the Fire Hole River adjacent to the Old Faithful Geyser.  Old Faithful Geyser goes off every ninety minutes plus or minus ten. Hot water gushes out of it its silica vent for about two minutes and steadily fizzles out. There are about five hundred geysers in Yellowstone.  Brink of the Upper Falls tour in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  Brink of the Upper Falls in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, is best seen on a sunny afternoon. It may have a rainbow or two. The roaring water in front of you from the Upper Falls is extremely impressive. It is powerful and clean.
        Yellowstone upper loop tours
        Huckleberry Ridge in the Upper Loop of Yellowstone is a volcanic cliff, part of what erupted 2.1 million years ago. Yellowstone has had three explosions in the past, this is one of them.
        Palette Springs tour in Mammoth Hot Springs
        Palette Springs in Mammoth Hot Springs are giant basins of hot water which is formed of calcium and other minerals. The springs constantly (in comparison to geysers) move from one spot to another.  Tower Falls a short walk past the gift shop is a long slim water drop which ends in Yellowstone River. The road heading north from Tower Falls leads you to a breath taking vertical basalt cliff, just before Calcite Spring.  Morning Glory is about a mile and a half miles from Old Faithful, walking on paved trails. In the middle of the pool it has aquamarine look to it with yellow brownish colors on the edges. It is a gem that many have trekked there to see over the years.